ORANGE COUNTY, CA April 16, 2012— Sunday afternoon the newest 700 horse power V12 Lamborghini Aventador, worth almost $450,000, spontaneously burst into flames. The exotic sports car was being driven on the 73 Toll Road in Orange County California by internet mogul and investor, Jason Schultz. We found his profile here( 

The irony is that the car went up in flames right at the off ramp exit of El Toro, which means "The Bull", and is also the symbol on the badge of all Lamborghini's. Oddly enough as shown in picture, the young man stands next to the remaining rubble and charred ashes displaying the car in true matador style. He's now been dubbed "The Aventador Guy"

Eye witness reports suggest fire erupted near the left rear tire, and when Mr. Schultz recognized what was happening, he pulled the car over to the shoulder and was able to exit the vehicle without injury.

The Lamborghini Aventador is considered one of the most elite vehicles ever manufactured.